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Know the wonders that Paracas has for you and live an extreme adventure

→ Our adventure package influences:


  • ATV Tour: Follow our magic routes and full of excitement in guided ATVs to the reserve of paracas.

This journey lasts from 2 hours to 2 and a half hours and can be done at the best time for you. For more information you can consult in the section of four-wheelers.



  • Islas Ballestas: Visit the so-called Galápagos Peruana, the Ballestas Islands are the refuge of two varieties of sea lions (fur seals and wolves) and other mammals.

Islas Ballestas Tour Aquático

These islands can be accessed from the Paracas spa, near Pisco, making a circuit that is done in boats, which allows to appreciate these species and their environment safely.

This geoglyph is related to the lines and geoglyphs of Nazca and Pampas de Jumana. For more information you can consult in the section of islands ballestas.



  • Time Machine: Fantastic 15-minute journey to the past in our impressive three-story 3D rotary mechanical simulator.

Go back 2,500 years and enjoy our life-size animatronic dolls that explain the incredible culture that made surgeries and cranial deformations, the arrival of the liberating expedition and much more …



  • Paragliding: Fly through Paracas as birds do, you do not need to know anything about flight, because the pilot takes care of everything.





Paragliding in Paracas Contributes to ecology:

Flights operated by PARACAS IS ADVENTURE and PARAGLIDING IN PARACAS; first to comply responsibly with the Tourist Service contract of the Paracas National Reserve, the area was rigorously studied to be visited, we provide additional income with each visitor that are destined for conservation.



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