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Beach Day at the Mine


Come to know and enjoy some of the most beautiful beaches of Peru



«La Mina Beach» – (Coal mine)


It is the beach with the most traquilas and crystalline waters of the whole reserve. On the outward route there we see a previous touristic stop from the Roja beach, although we can not bathe in it, we can flood our eyes with the warm colors of our beautiful beach.



Do not forget to bring a hat, sun block and towel, as the Paracas sun knows how to warm up. We pick you up from the Hotel we leave from El Chaco – Paracas.



→Departure Time:

8: 30 am and 11am, this beach tour takes place in the season between December 15 and April 15



11:45 2:45 pm First visit Playa Roja to take pictures and then have 3 beaches to choose from: La Mina, Raspón and Yumaque.



First they visit Red Beach to take pictures and then they have 3 beaches to choose from:

∴La Mina   ∴ Raspón  ∴ Yumaque


→Important Details:

  • Insurance: We have an accident policy issued by Seguros Pacífico that covers our passengers.

  • Suggested: Slippers or tenni s, jeans, jacket, blocker and something to drink.

  • Ages: From 8 years (Children with parents’ presence) to 70 +

  • Cost included: Payment of service contract fees for services to the RNP.

  • Cost not included: Entry to the reserve value S /. 11.00



Waiting tolerance has a maximum of 5 minutes, if the passenger does not arrive it is considered no show and there are no returns.


Beach Day in the Mine Contributes to the ecology:
First to comply responsibly With the contract of Tourist Service of the Paracas National Reserve, the area was studied rigorously to be visited, we provide additional income with each visitor that are destined for conservation.


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